Password Managers

One Password to rule them all!

Passwords are a pain in the arse! Am I right!? When you have 500 places online that you have accounts for and you need to have passwords for each one, it’s impossible to remember them all. Worse, if you use the same password on all of your stuff, and one business gets hacked, you have to change all of your accounts, and that is if you can even remember every website you have an account on! Super frustrating! Enter, your hero, the Password Manager! If you’re not using a password manager, you really should be. Please allow me to explain what Password Managers are, and what they can do for you. A password manager is a it of software that allows you to securely save all of your websites and user accounts. With a manager, you only ever have to remember ONE password. Ever! There are a ton of them out there. Ranging from free, to full service paid hosts. The good news is that all of them work, and work well. ANY password manager (that is encrypted) is better than no password manager. I’ll present a few of them to you and explain the pro’s and con’s and you can decide what works best for you. As always, I’m more than happy to answer questions to help you decide. Apple guys and gals, rejoice! You already have a VERY good manager built right into your devices! Keychain is about as good as it gets! If you activate it, Keychain will work across all of your Apple devices. Save a password on your iPhone and it’s available on you MacBook. Keychain will also create passwords for you that are insanely complex and nearly impossible to crack. The only drawback with Keychain is that if you ever decide to use a Windows computer, say at work, you won’t have access to your passwords on that computer. You’ll have to look them up on your phone. And if you ever decide to switch to Android, the process of transferring your credentials is complicated. Still, if you plan to be an Apple loyalist then Keychain is your friend. Now, some managers that work on all platforms. LastPass and Dashlane are the two big dogs in this arena. They will work on Apple, Windows, Android, Linux and so on. Your passwords will always be available to you wherever you go and on any device you are using. Both LastPass and Dashlane have both free and paid premium services and this is where they differ quite a bit. Dashlane will not sync across your devices unless you buy the premium service. However, it is certainly the more secure and user friendly option. The added features and ease of use are outstanding. LastPass is the industry standard. It’s easy to use and the free version will sync across all devices. LastPass has been hacked in the past, a number of times. This may turn off some people but allow me to explain why it shouldn’t rule them out for you. LastPass encrypts all of your information with the highest encryption available today. So, even though data has been stolen, it’s unusable. The only thing you have to do, is change your LastPass password, and you’re secure again. Another Manager many people like is KeyPass. KeyPass saves your stuff to your device and only that device. It’s encryption is top notch. Many employers are okay with this manager as company access is not stored with another company like LastPass or Dashlane. The drawback here is that passwords saved on your computer are not available on your phone and so on. All of these managers will create complex passwords for you if you want to use them. All of them will offer to automatically enter your credentials for you so you don’t have to. All of them will ask if you want to save new ones or update old ones when you decide to change one. With a decent password manager, you can truly secure ALL of your accounts, and only ever have to deal with ONE password. Just the one to log into the manager. I cannot suggest these enough. Get used to using one and I promise you that your life will be so much better!

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