Hello visitor! Welcome to Hug A Jackass! You may be asking yourself, why would anyone in their right mind name a website Hug A Jackass!? What a ridiculous name! You’d be correct. It’s absolutely absurd. It’s also kind of the point.

Hug A Jackass started back during the 2008 Presidential Elections. It had become clear to me that Americans knew very little about our heritage, and a lot of that was by design. There has been a concerted effort by politicians, media, and Hollywood to keep Americans divided and ill informed. So, I created Hug A Jackass with two things in mind, at that time. First, to be a repository for my own research that I could draw upon later. Secondly, to encourage political interaction and engagement. 

I am a nerd in the truest sense. I am a cybersecurity and network engineer by trade. I’m also a history fan and my most favorite time in all of history is the founding of the United States. It has fascinated me to no end ever since I was a young boy. So, as a hobby, I find myself doing a lot of historical research surrounding that era. I figured this site would be a good place for me to store some of that research. 

I’m also an avid outdoor fan. I love hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, bushcraft, conservation, and so on. So, having a place to journal about those adventures seemed like a good idea as well. Not to mention, a place to put useful cybersecurity information that I’m frequently asked about. So, first and foremost, Hug A Jackass is a repository to hug my own brain as I fully recognize that I too am more than capable of being a jackass. 

The second aspect of Hug A Jackass, the political one, is actually where I derived the name for the site. I wanted a fun way to have people engage in politics, while at the same time, having access to my research should they find it of value. But, before I get too far here, I want to give you an insight as to how my brain works sometimes. 

I noticed that when a child, naive and ignorant to the complexities of the world, comes up to an adult and explains their grand plan to save the world and make it better, the adult knows that the plan sounds nice, but would never work. But, to avoid insulting the child, and to encourage them to continue thinking about such things, the adult will pat them on the head, give them a hug, tell them they’re adorable, and send them on their way. 

Now, imagine doing the same thing to an adult…

It would be utterly patronizing and insulting! That is, if they recognized what was happening. It’s entirely possible to smile and nod, and fist bump or even hug somebody that is saying things that you find utterly ridiculous, but you know they’re trying, and your hug or whatnot, would not be noticed as pity, or spite! 

Welcome to Hug A Jackass! Where we expose absurdity with a hug!

We already know that there are tons of politicians that say absurd things. We know the media pushes absurd narratives. We also know that hollywood has no shortage of absurdity itself. It’s these groups that Hug A Jackass intends to focus on. They have been patting us on the heads and dismissing us for generations. It’s time to flip the script.

Now, in complete fairness, I must come clean and unabashedly make it known that my own ideology is very in line with the conservative ideology. I consider James Madison and John Adams to be two of my largest political role models. At the time I started Hug A Jackass, I was still a member of the GOP, and so my natural rivals were Democrats, who’s very mascot was a Jackass. I’ve since left the GOP (in 2016) as I had found them moving too far to the left for my personal liking, and I no longer wanted to be associated with them. So, a part of the name comes from me wanting to lead Democrats away from their party. “Hug A Jackass”. Embrace the left and love them, with research and facts.

However, I fully recognize that the right has no shortage of their own absurdity, and that it too really needs to be exposed and called out. This made me think that Hug A Jackass, might be able to provide a fun way, that both sides could have some fun together, and at each others expense. In the Bible, God once spoke to a guy through an actual jackass. If He can speak truth to us from an actual donkey, then maybe there is some truth that a jackass like me, flawed as I am, could stand to hear from the left. 

So, how does this work!?

Feel free to send me stories of things in politics that you find absurd. I’ll share them, and open discussion so that we can debate things, freely. Extra points if you submit pictures or video of you with an arm around a politician, member of the media, or celebrity, that is doing or saying things you find absurd. Let’s pat them on the head, give them a hug, and then expose the absurdity here. 

Just be careful, and think about your position, because when you point the finger at another, 4 more are pointing back at you, and you’re likely to experience that here on Hug A Jackass.